12 February 2019

A New Era in Digital Downloads for Scottish Fiddle Orchestra Music

As we reported in December 2018, we have been going through the process of making the orchestra’s self-produced recordings available for digital download.

Historically, SFO recordings have been released through REL but – with the growth of digital downloads and online streaming – it has gradually become possible for us to consider releases which are more under our own control.

The two most recent SFO CDs are now available for purchase as downloads via iTunes or Amazon Music.

The flexibility of this format means you can either choose to download the whole album or you can select individual tracks, if you prefer.

In the Fair City (link to Amazon UK version) features music recorded live at Perth Concert Hall and includes favourites such as John Mason’s Lament for the Death of the Reverend Archie Beaton, The Eightsome Reel and MacPherson’s Farewell.

A Selection from the Caird and Usher Halls (link to Amazon UK version) features a lively set of Shetland Reels as well as Willie Hunter’s classic slow air, Leaving Lerwick Harbour. The album concludes with what is probably the SFO’s most-requested piece of music: Highland Cathedral. John Mason’s stirring arrangement for orchestra and bagpipes is guaranteed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up every time.

We hope you will download or stream these tracks.

Please also consider leaving a rating or review on iTunes or Amazon.

In this way, you will raise the visibility of these recordings online. That, in turn, will help others to find our music and raise awareness of Scottish Fiddle Music around the world.

It will also help the SFO – a registered charity run entirely by volunteers – because the financial return we get from downloads of these recordings will be much better than on previous SFO recordings which are available for download.

Image credit: Johanna Vogt on Unsplash