25 May 2018

How Wonderful it would be to be Sitting in the Audience!

Hazy Arran under clouds in Summer with good detail on Arran taken from Fairlie Moor near Largs Ayrshire Scotland.

The title is a comment from the SFO’s Facebook page.

It’s one of 431 comments under a video we put up of the orchestra and Davidson’s Mains Pipe Band playing The Sleeping Warrior at our concert in the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, on 30 December 2017.

You can view the video here.

At the time of writing, the video has 41,000 views, 779 likes and 582 shares.

Composed by Mike Gill, the title refers to the outline of the Isle of Arran, viewed from the Ayrshire coast, which looks like a Warrior in profile. John Mason arranged the tune for orchestra, pipes and drums.

The header image for this post shows Arran from Fairlie Moor, North Ayrshire.

We’ve found that posting live video to social media – particularly Facebook – has been a successful method of bringing our music to a wider audience. Sometimes the live broadcasts are from the actual concerts and sometimes from the afternoon rehearsals beforehand.

Here is a selection of the comments we received about The Sleeping Warrior

They give a flavour of the appreciation we got from around the world, as well as from people who had been in the audience at the concert.

“When the bagpipes start, it seems to bring the stage alive!”

“Loving this from La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada!”

“Highlight of a superb concert for me. Bravo SFO.”

“One of the most beautiful, most moving compositions I have ever heard. Up the Pipes. Up the SFO. Up the Scots! Listening from Hamilton, Canada.”

“From Vancouver Canada I’m in tears… so incredibly beautiful!!! I wish I could audition to be the pianist!!!!!”

“Beautiful, very emotional! I envision the love of my life, his arms around me and swaying slowly and lovingly!”

“Beautiful, so moving I am sitting with tears here in Toronto. Unfortunately distance between Canada and Scotland doesn’t get shorter.”

“Listening from Munich Germany on Hogmanay. A lovely reminder of home in Largs where we can see the Sleeping Warrior of Arran. Beautiful music.”

“So proud to be Scottish. My all time favourite by the SFO and when the pipes join in WOW makes the hair on my neck stand up. Well done everyone.”

“Listening to this beautiful music in Houston, Texas. A Scottish lassie a long way from home.”

“Shed a wee tear listening to it…. such a beautiful tune.”

“Watching from the US and loving it! Someday we will watch live!”

“The pipes sure finish it off so well.”

“Brilliant with the pipe band – they did so well.”

“I sure enjoy great music and these people are so good.”

“Tears this morning listening to this wonderful song. I miss my Bonnie Scotland.”

“What a beautiful tune. First time hearing it.”

“Lovely – could listen again and again.”

“What an amazing country Scotland is to have people all over the world.”

“Listening from the USA – wonderful.”

“Listening from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.”

“Beautiful, brings a tear to the eye.”

“Stunning! A wee tear in ma ee! So proud to be Scottish.”

“So touching. I could listen to this over n over.”

“I am listening in Dendermonde (Belgium) and I love it.”

“Great to listen too from Adelaide, Australia.”

“Love this, watching from South Australia.”

“Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your talent.”

“Listening from Melbourne, Australia. Goosebumps and misty eyes.”

“Hadn’t heard this before tonight. So good. Great show.”

“Great concert and great talent. Thank you for an amazing concert. Well done.”

“Brilliant evening, thank you.”

“So beautiful. It made me cry sitting here in Texas.”

“Beautiful Music Thank You Scottish Fiddle Orchestra For The Beautiful Music.”

“Living in Spain, I tears just now but thank you xx”

“Love the kilt swaying.”

“Very powerful.”

“Lovely! From South Africa.”

“If this doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, there’s something wrong with you. Such a beautiful melody and when the bagpipes start OMG.”

“Thank you for this magnificent music! Listening warms my heart on this frigid Maine night.”

“Absolutely moved my heart. Watching from Tasmania.”

“Goosebumps – makes me want to cry, it’s so beautiful.”

“Touched my heart and enriched my soul! Love the bagpipes at the end!”

“Just awesome, makes me so homesick.”

“Listening in Sydney, Australia. Just beautiful.”

“A heart-warming tune. Thank you for sharing it. Picton, New Zealand.”

“Tears in my eyes… Derek in Formby, Merseyside.”

“So lovely. Need to spend more time listening to such lovely music.”

“No words needed…”

“Wow… what a sound.”

If that has brought tears to your eyes, we don’t want to leave you that way.

Traditionally, an SFO concert ends with a set of swinging reels.

The video here – again from the SFO’s Facebook page – is of (something not classed by us as “swinging”, in fact) The Eightsome Reel.

Where The Sleeping Warrior is reflective (maybe giving too much opportunity for reflection, if you’re away from Scotland and longing for home), The Eightsome Reel is fun and infectiously “jiggy”.

It’s all summed up in the following selection of comments from Facebook –

“Love the music but also conductor; he can’t help but jig. Lovely xx”

“Love this Orchestra. Can’t beat it!!!!”

“Get yer feet tapping!”


“Awesome brilliant.”

“It sounds magic.”

“Love It.”

“Love the fiddlers rally – it gets you going and warms your heart.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed these recordings of the SFO.

If you have enjoyed them, maybe you agree with the sentiment “How wonderful it would be to be sitting in the audience!” – at an SFO Concert.

Don’t forget you can always find details of upcoming concerts and tours on the home page of this website.

We’d love to see you at one of our concerts and, better still, get in touch and let us know you’re coming.