27 August 2022

How You can Support the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra’s Music

Designed to protect and promote an important Scottish trait…

The SFO is established to promote, encourage and preserve the heritage and culture of traditional Scottish music, particularly Scottish fiddle playing. Included in this definition is the presentation of concerts and musical recordings.

The SFO is a registered Scottish charity.

It is run entirely by volunteers.

Covid-19 has created difficulties for all organisations which rely to any extent upon public performances – and the SFO is no exception. Public confidence in attending mass indoor gatherings remains low and, as a result, we are focusing more on smaller, outdoor events than we have done in the past, as we seek to maintain and build our fanbase and hopefully preserve and gradually expand once more our annual concert hall-based programme.

Arts funding for touring and creative projects is challenging to obtain and minimal in extent.

Over the last few hundred years, performers and composers of Scottish Fiddle Music have relied upon the commissioning of new music by generous patrons and sponsors. Think of the likes of Niel Gow, William Marshall and James Scott Skinner.

It is a huge help to us if you can do one or more of these things below.

  • Come and see us in concert – we play large venues (e.g. Glasgow Royal Concert Hall) and also smaller, “pop-up” concerts in more temporary musical venues (e.g. Edinburgh’s Waverley Station, shown in the header image above, behind Hilary and Bob).
  • Make a donation to the orchestra.
  • Recommend our music to someone.
  • Write short reviews of our albums on Apple Music and Amazon.
  • Buy our music directly from us via this website.
  • After buying from us directly (!), always stream our music on Spotify to help boost our number of track streaming plays.
  • Sign up to our Friends’ Newsletter.
  • Become a Patron of the SFO.
  • Like/follow our Facebook page – @ScottishFiddleOrchestra – and like/share posts.
  • Follow @scottishfiddle on Twitter and like/retweet our tweets.
  • Follow us on lnstagram: @scot_fiddle_orch
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Thank you very much for your support!