SFO Patrons

Becoming a Patron gives you the opportunity to combine charitable (and tax-free) giving with involvement in an artistic charity and of course by supporting us in this way you are also supporting other charities as well.  This is because the continued existence of the SFO means we can put on concerts at which local charities – sometimes but not always with musical themes – can do bucket collections from which they benefit. 

The SFO also makes donations to musical charities from time to time.  Some charities which have benefited over recent years are Scots Fiddle Festival, Niel Gow Fiddle Festival and Nomad Beat).

By pledging your support in this way, you provide us with a predictable and continuing income, not only to fund our present level of activities but to allow us to contemplate further developments in the future.

An annual subscription of £25 gives you a Patron’s card with benefits such as:

  • Quarterly newsletters by email
  • Free Passes to selected rehearsals
  • Discount on SFO merchandise
  • Public acknowledgement as Patron on our website

For further information please email us at chair@sfo.org.uk or write to:

SFO Patrons
24 Golf Crescent
KA10 6JZ

Current Patrons

The SFO gratefully acknowledges the support of the following Patrons who, by their financial contribution, benefit not only the SFO but also, indirectly, the charities we support with our concerts. By helping the Orchestra in this way, Patrons give us a predictable foundation upon which to continue our present activities and also build upon them for the future.

Lady C. Armour, Prestwick
Mrs. N. Brodie, Kirkcaldy
Eileen Carrigan, Penicuik
Mrs. E. Dunlop, Auchtermuchty
J. Frame, Motherwell
Mr. D. Garwood, Aberdeen
Mr. K. George, Torquay
John Gibson, Dublin
Sue Gledhill, Blair Atholl
Mr. and Mrs. S. Herd, Colinsburgh

Mr G. Inglis
V.A. Haslett, Larne
Mr. C.W. Ide, Waterfoot
J. Laburn, Blairgowrie
Robert Langlands, Glasgow
James McCafferty, Edinburgh
Lorraine McCafferty, Edinburgh
Mr. & Mrs. V. MacKinlay, Currie
Jenny McLeod-Aggrey

Mr. & Mrs. M. Milner , Hoghton
Mr. & Mrs. Nutsey, Manchester
Poise Financial Planning
Mr. P. Schyma, Edinburgh
Mrs. J. Stake , Perth
Mr. P. Stern, Alaska
Mr. A. Summers, Stirling
Mr. A. Isdale, Falkirk