24 February 2021

Scottish Fiddle Orchestra Podcast

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Podcast 1 – Half-time chat at Perth 2020 and Hogmanay Show 1981

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In this Podcast, we look back to the recent past and the distant past in SFO terms.

22 February 2020

We hear from 4 members of the SFO recorded at half-time during our Perth Concert in February 2020. The chat begins from about 1:30 into the recording.

Bob, Willie, Catriona and Jamie prepare for their half-time punditry

Then it’s back to 31 December 1981 to hear excerpts from the SFO on the BBC Radio Scotland Hogmanay Show (from about 14:20 in the recording)

Here’s the set list:


SFO Setlist – BBC Radio Scotland – Hogmanay Show – 31 December 1981

We hear from:

  • The SFO playing Reels, Jigs, Polkas and a Barndance
  • Duettists Betty Henderson and Reesa McGinn, with a tune composed by John Mason, and
  • Soloist, Yla Steven, performing a March, Strathspey and Reel set.

The editing of the radio recording was by a 14-year-old so please be forgiving of a few sudden fade-outs and delayed fade-ins (though it’s still pretty good).

We hope you enjoy this. Whatever you think of it, please let us know.

We look forward to your feedback.