06 March 2020

SFO Podcast – A Night in Inverurie

This podcast features snippets from the SFO’s concert at Inverurie Town Hall in September 2019.

Podcast 2 – The SFO at Inverurie – September 2019

The following music and song is featured:

  • Willie Kidd’s Welcome to Orkney (intro) – by John Mason
  • March Strathspey and Reel: The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside; South of the Grampians; John MacNeill’s Reel
  • Song: Sunset at Fidden (Singer: Colette Ruddy; Composer: Iona Mackinlay)
  • Irish Jigs: Biddy o’ Sligo set
  • Slow Air: Colin O’Riordan (composed by Yla Steven)
  • Reels: La Russe set.

There is some ‘chat’ first of all.

Then, Dennis Haggerty warms up the audience.

The music begins at about 06:14 and runs continuously right through to the end (23:42).

You can find out more about the concert and how the SFO came to be invited to perform in Inverurie in this article on the website.

NOTE: The above audio is in mp3 format and is also downloadable, if you wish to listen at a time when you may not have a reliable internet connection. Other devices are available but, on a PC, for example, if you right-click on the 3 vertical dots at the right side of the audio player, the drop-down menu should offer the option to “Save as…”