16 February 2020

Songs of Scotland with the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra

Scottish Fiddle Orchestra concerts include fiddle music. But we have a host of other instruments besides violins.

Cellos, Double Basses, Flutes, Accordion, Percussion, Piano – sometimes Organ too – and, last but not least, the Human Voice.

At the foot of this article, you will find a video clip of the SFO accompanying one of our good friends and regular singing guests, Colette Ruddy.

Over our 40-year history, we have had help from many well-known singers of Scots song.

This is not an exhaustive list! –

  • Mary Sandeman
  • Pat Carter
  • Anne Lorne Gillies
  • Sheila Carswell
  • Helen MacArthur
  • Patricia Hay
  • Mary Cameron
  • Debra Stuart
  • Linda Ormiston
  • Wendy-Anne Duncan
  • James Nicol
  • David Baillie
  • Peter Morrison
  • Kenneth McKellar
  • John Goodwin
  • Bill McCue
  • George Donald

The video clip below features Colette Ruddy (mezzo-soprano).

Colette and our regular male vocalist over the last few years, Dennis Haggerty (tenor), are both graduates of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.

Both are steeped in the traditional music and song of Scotland, as it was something they were exposed to and loved already as children. They love to perform and they love to get the audience singing along with them. Above all, they love to have fun.

The song “These are my Mountains” was written in the 1960s for a television competition.

It did not win “A Song for Scotland” for its composer Jimmy Copeland (it came second) but it became very popular and has endured through recordings by such artists as the Alexander Brothers and Daniel O’Donnell.

Here is a clip of Colette’s version, backed by the SFO.

Colette Ruddy sings “These are my Mountains” with the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra