16 February 2019

The Rose of Galloway (Galloway Rose)

Rose of Galloway is a composition by John Mason for orchestra and pipes.

At the foot of this post, you will find a short video clip of a Scottish Fiddle Orchestra (plus pipe band) concert performance of this stirring piece of music.

Tucked away in the South-west of Scotland…

…Galloway is one of the most unique and beautiful parts of the country, verdant yet rugged, with wonderful lochs and seascapes and enjoying the romance which inspired great writers and poets, including Robert Burns.

John Mason felt privileged to grow up in Galloway and described himself as “always having been smitten by its infectious charm and the charm of its people.”

This piece is John’s “thank you” for that privilege.

John Mason’s arrangement of the music is in a style for which the SFO has become well known.

The orchestra takes the melody initially and is then joined by the pipe band. The pipers take over the tune and the SFO provide the accompaniment for the rest of the piece.

Rose of Galloway employs the full tonal range of the pipes.

The clip below gives you a taste of John’s wonderful melody.