02 June 2018

The SFO’s Compliments to Edradour Whisky

Pitlochry, Scotland – September 17, 2014: picturesque grounds and whitewashed buildings of Edradour single malt whisky distillery, the smallest in Scotland

The SFO’s concert in Edinburgh on 9 June 2018 will again feature Edradour Distillery as a sponsor of the orchestra.

The sponsorship, which started in 2013, has brought the name of Edradour and the quality of its whisky to a much wider audience.

Edradour is to be found hidden away in Pitlochry, in the heart of Perthshire, and it can trace its handmade production of malt whisky back to 1825.

There is a long tradition of the naming of fiddle tunes in honour of whisky.

Niel Gow’s “Farewell to Whisky” is one. It is said he composed the melody in 1799, following a failure of the Scottish barley crop.

James Scott Skinner wrote tunes to celebrate “Glenlivet” and “Talisker”.

The link between distillery and orchestra inspired our leader, Bill Cook, to compose the tune “The SFO’S Compliments to Edradour Whisky” in 2013.

Thank you, Edradour.

The Board and members of the SFO would like to thank Edradour Distillery for their generous support over this 5-year period and we look forward to their continued support over the coming year.